Celebrity Sunglasses That Are Creating Waves in Fashion Circles

Whatever the celebrities, like Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, or Angelina Jolie do create waves. And it's no different with sunglasses they proudly adorn at social dos, premier parties, and film festivals. In fact, celebrity sunglasses have always created ripples in the hearts of ordinary Joes and Janes. You and me look at celebrities for clues on latest fashion trends. In addition to wearing designer sunshades, celebrities also have penchant for trying out several different designs and styles.
Take for instance, bigger frames and lenses that are specially designed with celebrities in mind. These large sunglasses that cover almost three-fourth of their face are popular eyewear among celebrities looking to hide their identities and facial features from general public. A lot of us wear big sunglasses at public places in order to attract glares and passing off as a celebrity (that no one recognizes!!).
If we talk about frames popular among celebrity sunglasses, thick and big square frame is getting rave reviews for its loud statement. Celebrities are known to surprise the connoisseurs. And big square frame is something that is totally out of the ordinary and every time you look at someone wearing them, invariably your eyes get transfixed for a few seconds at least. This is the entire purpose of celebrity sunglasses - to surprise and invite stares!
Surprise element is not reserved for frame size. Frame color is equally responsible for their popularity. For instance, white sunglasses are not too common, but it just takes an Angelina Jolie to popularize them. Suddenly, a color you simply can't identify with sunglasses becomes favorite with a popular celebrity endorsing it. This is how marketing business of the designer sunglasses work.
Rimless celebrity sunglasses are another addition to the growing list of in-vogue sunglasses. With tight fitting and covering sensitive eye area, celebrities prefer these sunglasses for more stylish look and maximum protection, rather than giving a surprise to their admirers.

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